November 30, 2011

SHINE: Heal By The Spirit — A Prescription to Heal Relationships

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My latest post at

“Our personal relationships often seem to be under constant stress and attack these days. Honestly, it’s a wonder sometimes that relationships ever work out. Much of that tension results from two stressed people trying to maintain a healthy connection physically, emotionally and spiritually when they themselves are not operating from a place of health, wholeness and healing in those areas.

Unfortunately, that stress often obscures the love that dwells just beneath the cloudy surface. By going deeper and understanding all of the seen and unseen factors that impact relationships (good, bad or otherwise), couples can often recapture their desire and capacity to love.”

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SHINE: Heal By The Spirit — A Prescription to Heal Relationships.


May 6, 2011

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SHINE: Relate by the Spirit — Your Present Has a Past: It’s All Related!

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“… it is essential to take inventory of what and who is in your life in presently (what you are reaping). How are you doing personally, professionally, in relationship and spiritually? What is manifesting in the present was sown in the past because your past has a present. And if you want more of the same, continue to sow the same seeds. But if you want a different “present reality”, begin to sow different personal, professional, relationship and spiritual seeds today. Because today is tomorrow’s past. It’s all related.”

SHINE: Relate by the Spirit — Your Present Has a Past: It’s All Related!.

April 9, 2011

SHINE: Connect by the Spirit — Plug Into Your Divine Power to Choose What’s Best for YOU!

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SHINE: Connect by the Spirit — Plug Into Your Divine Power to Choose What’s Best for YOU!. By Tonya M. Evans, Blogger and Editor of

… Of course, in order to get along in society and “play nicely with others” we sometimes must compromise when the good of community outweighs our individual needs (hint, hint U.S. Congress) or in personal relationships so that both parties feel their needs are being met. But when our ability to choose what is in our best interest is hampered chronically; that is, when we always put the needs of others before our own, a dangerous imbalance can arise.

That imbalance – or disconnect – from your own basic emotional, physical and spiritual well-being can have serious consequences in your ability function effectively. Deadlines, meetings, providing care for others, being on every board and serving on every committee, being over-committed and generally choosing to make everyone else’s life better, easier and more effective can be a laudable goal generally … but with devastating consequences personally.

Less time for sleep quickly translates into exhaustion. Poor dietary choices (not eating regularly, eating too much/too little) can lead eventually to unhealthy physical states and a host of ailments that inhibit your ability to function effectively. Lack of exercise, decrease in positive human interaction, increase in addictive patterns (workaholism, alcoholism, chemical dependence or whatever your “ism” is), and the absence of an authentic and regular spiritual practice … well, you get the idea. At some point, we have to decide to re-connect with our personal power to CHOOSE balance and wellness or eventually we’re no earthly good to anyone else anyway!

Eventually we must …

Read the full post: SHINE: Connect by the Spirit — Plug Into Your Divine Power to Choose What’s Best for YOU

Senate Women Stand Strong, Support Women’s Interests in Budget Debacle

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Peace Fam,

I don’t regularly use this forum for overt politics but the leadership shown by Senate women during the threatened federal government shutdown debacle deserves serious recognition and kudos. So shout out to the female Senators in particular for drawing a proverbial AND actual line in the sand during budget talks. And thanks to RAEMD95 for sharing the story at

Love & Light,

Tonya Marie


April 7, 2011

Today’s Haiku from Tonya Marie “Defiance”

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the candle flickers

wax escapes defiantly

light seeps like lava

© 2011 Tonya Marie Evans

March 16, 2011

Micropoetry Saves My Life

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So in the infamous words of Rakim … “it’s been a long time, I shouldn’ta left you…”. But yesterday’s story is gone, tomorrow is yet to unfold (and isn’t promised) so all I have is today, this time, this moment.

Thanks to a very dear friend, Vince L. Wilson a/k/a my Twin and THE Haiku King-of-the-Universe (@InVinceWil … you MUST follow), in this moment I am led to return to my love of the written and spoken word in the form of form poetry. Micropoetry to be exact.

So every now and again I’ll share some of my latest poetic tidbits and also reach back into my poetry vault (aka my poetry journal [not my BlackBerry]… yeah, it’s old school, so sue me!) and share some blasts from the past.

Tonight, I was led to finish a haiku in need of a few more syllables. And here is it:

Recipe for life

Open your heart, and add love

Then season to taste

~ © 2011 Tonya Marie Evans

January 9, 2010

Great Interview on “Off the Shelf” with Denise Turney

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I am on cloud nine after a fun and informative interview on Denise Turney’s show “Off the Shelf” . It felt more like a chat with an old, dear friend – probably because that’s exactly what it was!  We mixed business with pleasure and covered everything from key clauses in publishing and agency agreements, to the difference between copyright creation and registration, to the pitfalls of deals gone bad, to my impromptu performance of my signature poem, Find Your Own Shine (listen and buy).

Denise’s show airs every Saturday at 11:00 AM (ET) and offers advice, tips and hard-to-find 411 from professional writers, book editors, agents and publishers. Denise is a literary titan in her own right so please visit her Web site and support her efforts at Chistell Publishing.

And for a limited time, use discount code TURNEYVIP for $5.00 of purchases of $20 or more at (excludes PayPal purchases).

So if you missed the interview or just want to relive the magic (smile) click here to listen, download and share.

And may you continue to WRITE and SHINE!



January 6, 2010

Activate Your Fullest Potential in 2010 and beyond @

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Greetings Family and Friends!

I hope this post finds you well and in great spirits this New Year. As with any new year (and decade!), we have the opportunity to re-join the rat race now that the new year is in full swing. But … we also have the divine opportunity to take pause and to change the course of our path and way we think about what we want, need and deserve for our lives — especially if things haven’t been going that well. But as I say in my poem, A Villager Speaks,

“until you take your last breath, you will always have time to return to your place of origin and begin again.”

To that end I have joined creative forces with three dynamic women to give weekly life-affirming suggestions and bits of wisdom about how you can achieve your fullest potential in life when you Speak, Shine, Live and Give in the most influential and fundamental way possible … by the SPIRIT!

Click on the link below (or simply visit to learn more about this latest (ad)venture and about SHINING as you GIVE yourself permission to SPEAK into existence the power to LIVE your fullest, greatest life:


Flip the switch of your best life!

And please help me to get this message out by sharing this information with your family and friends and also by joining our mailing list at the website, sign up for our RSS feed and following us at

Great things in 2010 and beyond!

Still shining,


October 6, 2009

It’s been a long time … I shouldn’t have left you!

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New content and information about poet Tonya Marie Evans coming soon!

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