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with companion CD

with companion CD

SHINE!, is a multi-media book that contains the inspirational poems by Tonya Marie that you’ve grown to love along with a companion CD that embodies a unique blend of music and poetry. Each poem, performed with neosoul and tribal influences, is an inspirational invocation guaranteed to awaken your spirit. SHINE! encourages you to find that spark of greatness within you to SHINE! in life, to SHINE! in love, to SHINE! in adversity, and to SHINE! in celebration of your greatness!


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SEASONS OF HER: A Collection of Poetry

Seasons of HerSeasons Of  Her is Tonya Marie’s debut collection of poems in its third printing. This beautifully illustrated book, divided into four sections, explores the proverbial seasons in the life of a woman. Still the undercurrents apply with ease to the seasons of every life.

The winter conveys conflict and uncertainty. The spring conveys the notion of self-discovery and an awareness of the infinite possibilities of life. Sultry summer sizzles as sweetness and sensuality explode! And in the fall, Tonya Marie’s eloquence envelops the reader and coaxes confidence in even the most timid among us.

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  1. RhapsodE said,

    Both of these works are MUST-HAVES for your poetry collection! I have them both and love the messages within. Shine is a stand alone poetry companion, but with the added bonus of a CD that boasts wonderful musical versions of the inspirational poems found in the book. I play “Find Your Own Shine”, “Angry Don’t Live Here”, and “I Will Tell Myself” as contact reminders and inspiration. Seasons of Her has inspired me as a writer to tell the truth, go within and discover the potential found through self-expression and creativity. A very nice addition to my collection that I keep close on hand!
    -RhapsodE (performance artist, poet, writer, educator)

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