March 16, 2011

Micropoetry Saves My Life

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So in the infamous words of Rakim … “it’s been a long time, I shouldn’ta left you…”. But yesterday’s story is gone, tomorrow is yet to unfold (and isn’t promised) so all I have is today, this time, this moment.

Thanks to a very dear friend, Vince L. Wilson a/k/a my Twin and THE Haiku King-of-the-Universe (@InVinceWil … you MUST follow), in this moment I am led to return to my love of the written and spoken word in the form of form poetry. Micropoetry to be exact.

So every now and again I’ll share some of my latest poetic tidbits and also reach back into my poetry vault (aka my poetry journal [not my BlackBerry]… yeah, it’s old school, so sue me!) and share some blasts from the past.

Tonight, I was led to finish a haiku in need of a few more syllables. And here is it:

Recipe for life

Open your heart, and add love

Then season to taste

~ © 2011 Tonya Marie Evans

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