January 9, 2010

Great Interview on “Off the Shelf” with Denise Turney

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I am on cloud nine after a fun and informative interview on Denise Turney’s BlogTalkRadio.com show “Off the Shelf” . It felt more like a chat with an old, dear friend – probably because that’s exactly what it was!  We mixed business with pleasure and covered everything from key clauses in publishing and agency agreements, to the difference between copyright creation and registration, to the pitfalls of deals gone bad, to my impromptu performance of my signature poem, Find Your Own Shine (listen and buy).

Denise’s show airs every Saturday at 11:00 AM (ET) and offers advice, tips and hard-to-find 411 from professional writers, book editors, agents and publishers. Denise is a literary titan in her own right so please visit her Web site and support her efforts at Chistell Publishing.

And for a limited time, use discount code TURNEYVIP for $5.00 of purchases of $20 or more at www.legalwritepublications.com (excludes PayPal purchases).

So if you missed the interview or just want to relive the magic (smile) click here to listen, download and share.

And may you continue to WRITE and SHINE!



January 6, 2010

Activate Your Fullest Potential in 2010 and beyond @ ByTheSpirit.net

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Greetings Family and Friends!

I hope this post finds you well and in great spirits this New Year. As with any new year (and decade!), we have the opportunity to re-join the rat race now that the new year is in full swing. But … we also have the divine opportunity to take pause and to change the course of our path and way we think about what we want, need and deserve for our lives — especially if things haven’t been going that well. But as I say in my poem, A Villager Speaks,

“until you take your last breath, you will always have time to return to your place of origin and begin again.”

To that end I have joined creative forces with three dynamic women to give weekly life-affirming suggestions and bits of wisdom about how you can achieve your fullest potential in life when you Speak, Shine, Live and Give in the most influential and fundamental way possible … by the SPIRIT!

Click on the link below (or simply visit http://www.bythespirit.net) to learn more about this latest (ad)venture and about SHINING as you GIVE yourself permission to SPEAK into existence the power to LIVE your fullest, greatest life:


Flip the switch of your best life!

And please help me to get this message out by sharing this information with your family and friends and also by joining our mailing list at the website, sign up for our RSS feed and following us at Twitter.com/bythespirit.

Great things in 2010 and beyond!

Still shining,


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